Monday, August 2, 2010

divide and conquer

so i finally decided to quit procrastinating and organize this chaos. i am tired of the excuses. since we sold our large three story georgian colonial home and downsized four years ago, many things went into storage. some went into my basement," piled into a corner. my husband has been after me to get rid of "the stuff". i kept justifying myself since we have been remodeling for four years now, that someday i may need it.
well i am now in a organizing and cleaning out mood. i have decided that when we get to the basement if i need something special for a certain spot i will go buy it then. there is always more stuff. so i came up with a pile of antiques and shipped them off to nellys nest.

the next step was making everything organized and functional. i started with the bathroom. i found this cute cabinet ant nellys nest. it is absolutly darling.
it holds everything i need it to.
the next step is the laundry room!

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