Thursday, September 2, 2010

empty nest

Our house has been empty this past week. With the middle son off to college, and our other two boys gone for a while. It was really weird coming home from work to an empty house.
Don and I were standing in the kitchen talking about how it be almost a year and we will have an empty nest. Where has all the time gone? I feel kinda torn. Part of me feels really sad. My babies have all grown up and started lives of their own. Yet I am excited with all the future holds. It will be fun for Don and I to have the time to spend together like we used to. Taking the weekend off and going to Kansas City, or taking our yearly trips to Wisconsin. Spending time together again at auctions and shopping for antiques. I am looking forward to all the future holds.
I found this picture of a little nest with the four blue eggs and it reminds me of my family. Some of my little ones have grown into adults and flew out of the nest to build lives and families of their own. Some of my little ones are still in the nest but I know that soon the nest will be empty.