Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dirty Little Secrets

Everyboday that knows me, knows how much I hate doing laundry. Not really hates it, but REALLY dislikes it. It's the part where I have to go down into my badly needs remodled basement. You know the ones with the knotty pine paneling, the old asphalt tiles, and the ugly 1960's lighting. It's dark, dingy and on our list to remodel next but next can't come soon enough!

So I have some dirty little secrets to tell.

I wait untill no body has anything left to wear.

My husband has actually went out and bought new socks because I needed to wash. God forbid he wash them himself!

Sometimes, I wash a load and then forget it untill it smells funny and then i have to rewash it again. Ummmm.. this one is hard to admit!

My laundry room doesn't look like this!

or this

or even this

I would LOVE it to look like this!

Now this is a cute idea for a shelf.

Someday... Untill then I can dream and keep looking for inspiration!

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  1. Oh Deborah, I don't like doing laundry either! Maybe if I had one of those fancy looking washer and dryer sets, I might enjoy it more but I doubt it. You are not alone when you say you have left clothes in the washer! I have done it many a time!!