Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Miricle Products

So spring is just around the corner and I am gearing up for some heavy duty spring cleaning! I know I am weird but, I love to clean!  It's time to myself. I turn up my music, light a candle, pour my FIRST glass of diet coke, and concentrate on the task at hand.

It's the sense of accomplishment. Something I can check off my list! Satisfaction.
Afterwards I like to sit, read a magazine, and enjoy a clean house!

Word to the not bother me when I am cleaning!

Here are my top products I can't live without!

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser
the all time grime buster!

What DO they put in this? It indeed is a miricle!
Removes scuff marks, all kinds of dirt and
even the magic marker my grandaughter so artfully colored on back of her bedroom door!

 simply said.....a must have

This all purpose cleaner does it all! Bonus is that it is biodegradeable, and non toxic. It also has a great clean fresh scent.

NO more dirty brushes!

I have old wood floors that are in bad need of refinishing. This product makes them look like I just had a coat of poly put on them! Fills in the scratches and makes my floors shine!

Note: Do not use this product if your floors are waxed, or already are treated with polyuryethene.

Micro fiber cleaning towels are a must have! No more lint left behind or streaks!

Happy cleaning!


  1. Hi Deborah...I love this post! You included 2 of my favorites. The Mr. Clean Magic Erasers and the Clorox toilet cleaner wands. I could not live without the erasers...thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. I so appreciate it. ~Ann

  2. thank you so much for posting your "go to" cleaning items. I think I will go out and purchase all of them...maybe it will help me to want to actually clean my house.