Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Perennial of the Year

Every year the Perennial Plant Association choose a perennial to be awarded plant of the year. So without further adieu.......

Amsonia hubrichtii 

Amsonia hubrichtii grows 36 inches tall and 36 inches wide in a mounded form. This hardy perennial grows in hardiness zones 4 through 9 and is a versatile North American native.
Amsonia offers a variety of features throughout the seasons. From late spring to early summer, two- to three-inch wide clusters of small, light blue, star-shaped flowers are borne above the ferny foliage. The alternate-arranged leaves are bright green in spring and summer, but turn a bright yellow-golden color in fall.

Love the fall foilage!

Light – Plants thrive in full sun to partial shade

Soil – This plant performs best in average, moist well-drained soil but tolerates less moisture. Once established, it can tolerate drier conditions.
Uses – This perennial for the seasons is an asset in borders, native gardens, cottage gardens, or open woodland areas. It is best when massed. Arkansas blue star is attractive when mixed with ornamental grasses and plants that have attractive seed heads.

Unique Qualities – Light blue flowers in spring are followed by marvelous foliage in summer. Golden-yellow fall color is second to none among herbaceous perennials.
Hardiness – USDA Zones 4 to 9

Other useful tips:
When grown in too much shade or too rich of soil, amsonia will benefit from shearing back to 1/3 to 1/2 after flowering.  The plants will fill in nicely in 2-3 weeks. Pruning will keep the plants from "flopping at the center".
Plants may seed by the hundreds...but usually drop right at the base of the plant.
Cutting plants back after flowering will remove seed heads and eliminate this problem!

May be divided in late spring or fall but not necessary for 6-10 yrs.

Easy to grow!
Combine with: pairs especially well with larger leaved plants,like peonies and hosta.  

Happy Planting!



  1. Hey Deborah...thanks for visiting my blog and your sweet comments about my wreath. I love posts about perennials but there aren't very many. My perennial garden is my favorite thing about my yard. I am always looking for that perfect blue flower and this one could be wonderful. I'm in zone 5 so it should be just fine. Thanks so much...I'm following you now so I'll be back to visit. ~Ann

  2. thanks for stopping by ann! i am a master gardener and love my perennial gardens! as the weather warms i will be posting more on gardening.