Monday, April 18, 2011

Potting Places

Looking for more inspiration for my future potting place. Here are a few more I found on line today.

I need a potting place so I can be more efficient, a place to pot, divide, and to keep all my supplies in one place.
Making one out of old windows is a charming idea!

I not only want one for the mere function of it...I want to decorate it! A place to keep all of my garden collections.  My McCoy planters, sap buckets and my watering cans.  

I admit I think everything should have a place. I like to be organized. It drives me crazy when my husband moves my garden supplies in the garage and then I waste time looking for them.

Isn't this cute? I love the bright yellow and the way the manarda  jump out against the yellow.

As every gardener knows, dreams nourish the soul as well as the garden.

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