Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Where is the Sun?

I have had a week off of work and I was really wanting to get out in my garden. There is so much to do. I still haven't even started my spring cleanup in my main perennial garden. This whole week it has been cold, rainy and the sun has disappeared.

I want to add a mixed border on the south side of my home. I have a large side yard that is on a busy street. The mixed border will add some privacy along with some curb appeal.

So far here are some of my shrub choices.
These are not all definite, but gives me a good place to start. 

What could be better than lilacs?
I had a large established shrub at my old home just outside the kitchen window. The fragrance coming through my window in the spring was heavenly!

When I see the forsythia shrubs starting to bloom, I know spring is not far behind.
The branches can be cut and brought in early and forced to bloom.

Star Magnolia

Red Twig Dogwood


I love the color of the red twigs in the winter. These are great for cutting and using in arrangements too!

Whipcord Arborvitae
and of course I will need some evergreen. I found these at a local nursery and loved how unusual they look.

for a real stand out..Giant Fleece Flower

This shrub is so impressieve in a aborder and reminds me of astible. A word to the wise though it's fragrance is not so pretty! This shrub also makes me sneeze like crazy but...the beauty of it is worth it!

happy gardening!


  1. Hi Deborah...thanks for visiting my blog. Our weather here is dismal too. I haven't been able to get in my garden at all. These are terrific choices for new shrubs...I think I'm going to plant some knock out roses if it ever gets warm. I'm ready for some sun! Hope you have a good week off... ~Ann

  2. Hey Deborah, I heard that the sun might make an appearance tomorrow! And that is before it clouds up again for more rain tomorrow night and into Thursday. AAARRRGGGG!!!