Monday, June 20, 2011

Blooming Today~Stokes Aster

Every year I look forward to my Stokes Aster to bloom. This morning as I was taking a walk through my gardens, I was greeted with a wonderful bloom.

The 3-4 inch fringed flowers range from blue, lavender, pink and white. Stoke Asters bloom from July-October.

Their flower heads are shaggy and similar to Bachelor Buttons.

They form low rosettes of foliage 1-2 feet in diameter with upright stems and evergreen basal leaves..

They make excellent long lasting cut flowers
Deadhead to encourage bloom
Well drained soil
Full sun to partial shade
Attracts hummingbirds and butterflies
No serious insects of disease
Hardy zones 5-9

Plant combinations:
lambs ear

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  1. Gorgeous shots! Thanks for sharing:)
    Have a great week!


  2. Very very pretty! And I love collage, too!

  3. That aster is stunning. My coreopsis is a very reliable bloomer and I like to cut the flowers and pair them with daisies. Nancy

  4. Hi Deborah,

    I just adore your stoke aster bloom and the shade of color is striking! You have created a wonderful mosaic.

  5. Now that is a nice aster. I like it with the lamb's ear.

  6. Tis a lovely plant often overlooked.

  7. I really need to relocate my aster. Beautiful photos today.

  8. Nothing short of amazing. I love the frilly ends!

  9. Oh, my goodness...your asters are drop dead gorgeous. I would love to see them in person. Your pictures are lovely and show them off beautifully. Genie

  10. I love this plant... I've got one too, but it's under the shade of a large Hydrangea at the moment!

  11. What a beautiful flower. The color is fabulous!

  12. My Balloon Flowers haven't bloomed yet...they are in full bud and hopefully will pop soon. We just had some great rain and everything looks really green. Your combo is wonderful!

  13. Your Stokes Aster is absolutely beautiful. My garden in still immature, less than two years old. I am struggling with it this year. All my plants being immature and the drought we have been having is working against us. We water continuously but nothing helps like rain.
    You others flowers are beautiful as well.
    Thanks for following, I am following you as well.
    I look forward to our visits. Ginger :)

  14. Its a beauty for sure. I need to add it to my gardens.

  15. Gorgeous! July through October-wow, I should look into them:@)

  16. Beautiful! Not many plants have such a long bloom time. Love the color! Jean

  17. The color of that stokes aster is gorgeous!

  18. I love Stokes Asters, too. That sure is a pretty one! Mine haven't bloomed yet, but there are some buds. I need to remember to deadhead this year.

    I enjoyed looking at your other posts since my last visit, too.

  19. Beautiful macro shots!! Love the details and lighting in these!

    Happy to be following your terrific blog now...

  20. Just amazing...Love purple!

    Hope you have a blessed day♥