Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Life on the Farm

My friend Judy has a wonderful farm in Milford, Nebraska! Judy has been an antique dealer for many years and has been a great support to my daughter Janelle as she opened her primitive shop. 

Judy has frequent barn sales and I love taking the opportunity to grab some great photos!

Here are a few to enjoy!

cool barn huh?
I love how she has added the big star.

I found a new toy!
I have been playing around with textures in picnik.

I LOVE rust!

I love the turquoise colour she has painted on this shed! My husband would NEVER go for that. Way to go Judy!


Judy always has plants for sale potted up in some unusual containers

Lots of great finds in the barn and lots of dealers!

I thought this grouping of iron tables made an interesting photo.
Again playing around with layering on textures.

Another rusty chair. I think I see a theme here!

I can't wait until her fall show!

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  1. Great photos Deborah. I like that kind of thing anyway.
    Sunray Gardens

  2. Wow for those rusy chairs. Can you please fax me one..lol Great mosaic:)



  3. Well, those are just beyond beautiful photographs! Do you mind sharing what "textures" you used in Piknik? Did you play with the colorations too? I just recently came across the "effects" tab in Piknik and hope to have time soon to experiment. Thank you!

  4. Miss Kitty, you know I really don't know I just played around until I got the look I wanted. I only added textures to the iron table and barn picture. I softened the edges of one of the photos and the others are right from the camera. Have fun!

  5. Lovely shots! Thanks for sharing and adding your link to Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays.

  6. Nice pictures! I'm from Nebraska, maybe I'll have to stop by and check out one of her barn sales sometime.