Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Day in the Country

Enjoying my vacation. I am staying at home and getting lots of things done. My poor garden has been neglected for so long it looks like a jungle. I have lots of weeding,and cutting back to get done.
I took some time last night and went with my friend Paula looking for bittersweet and hedge apples. 
It was a missed photo oppurtunity!

We found lots of bittersweet and hedge
We also found something we didn't expect!
A snake warming himself up in a tree!
It was obvious he didn't like us there! He jumped out of the tree and I have never seen Paula run sooo fast! haha
Needless to say we found another area and let that bittersweet for next year!

What was i thinking?
I didn't even take my camera!
It was getting dark when I took these photos using my phone.
I know the quality is not the best so I tried to edit and add some texture to liven them up a bit.

windmill at Kimmel Orchard

this weekend is the big apple festival here. I plan on taking lots of photos!

Until later..........

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  1. enjoy reading ur post de-bor-rah :)haha